Best answer: Can company secretary be a foreigner?

Can anyone be a company secretary?

Natural person – A company secretary must be a natural person who is over 18 years of age (s 204B (1)); Disqualified persons – Generally, a person disqualified from managing companies under Part 2D. 6 may not be appointed as a company secretary.

Can anyone be a company secretary in Singapore?

A company secretary must be a natural person and locally resident in Singapore. The position of company secretary must not be vacant for more than 6 months. The sole director of a company and the company secretary cannot be the same person.

Can a foreigner be a company secretary in Singapore?

Legal Requirements appointing a company secretary

A. … A company secretary must be: A natural person; Locally resident in Singapore (Singapore citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) and foreigners holding specific work visas).

What powers does a company secretary have?

The company secretary is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Companies Act, 2006, and carries out a number of administrative tasks, including: Filing statutory documents and financial statements at Companies House. These include confirmation statements, tax returns and company accounts.

Can director and secretary be the same person?

These companies are still required to have a separate company secretary. … However, he/she cannot sign documents for the first company as secretary where a document requires the signatures of both the director and secretary i.e. a person cannot sign both as director and as, or in place of, the secretary on the same form.

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What is the qualification for company secretary?

CS Foundation: Eligibility

  1. Candidates aspiring to take up the foundation course under the CS programme, need to come through their 10+2 entrance exams.
  2. Candidates should successfully pass their 12th exams from a recognised educational institute or equivalent to it, with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

What is the difference between corporate secretary and company secretary?

A corporate secretary is a business professional who administers a number of crucial tasks in the ongoing life of a company whereas a company secretary is a professional whose role is that of an advisor for legal matters.

Can a company director be a company secretary?

Yes, the Director can be appointed as a Company Secretary although the Company Secretary is no longer a mandatory appointment. However, in the case of a PLC the company needs to have two Directors AND a Company Secretary.

Can a company operate without a company secretary?

You do not need a company secretary for a private limited company. Some companies use them to take on some of the director’s responsibilities. The company secretary can be a director but cannot be: the company’s auditor.

Does a company secretary have to be a director?

Who can be a company secretary? There were originally restrictions that means sole directors were unable to act as company secretary for their private company. … Anyone can be a secretary in a private company, though it’s the directors’ responsibility to choose someone with knowledge and experience for the job.