Frequent question: Can I extend my final exit visa?

What happens if final exit visa expires?

Final Exit with an expired Iqama

A final exit visa with an expired iqama can only be issued within 30 days of Iqama expiry. In order to do that; The sponsor will log in to his Ministry of Labor account. Select “issue work permit for the final exit”.

How long can you stay after final exit?

The validity of the final exit visa is 60 days from the date it is issued. The validity of the final exit visa requested from the employer (explained above) is 15 days from the date it is approved. Once the final exit visa is issued, the Iqama validity becomes irrelevant.

How much is the fine for expired exit visa?

According to the Saudi Jawazat, if a Saudi expat has not renewed his Muqeem ID, he will be fined after a 3-day grace period. For the first time, he will be punished with a fine of SR 500/-. For the second time, he will be fined SR 1,000/-. In the third time, he will be deported from the kingdom.

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How do I extend my exit entry visa?

For employees, a letter signed and stamped by the sponsor addressed to the Saudi Consulate abroad requesting them to extend the single/multiple re-entry visa. 5. For dependents , the Exit & Re-entry Visa Extension Form to be filled in Arabic through the Ministry of foreign affairs’ website (

Is it possible to extend exit reentry visa Saudi Arabia?

Extension of Exit Reentry inside Saudi Arabia

There is no way to extend a Saudi Exit re-entry visa for family members who are inside Saudi Arabia. You can always cancel the exit re-entry visa and issue a new visa. If you don’t cancel the exit re-entry visa and it expires without being used, there is a SR 1,000.

Is it possible to cancel final exit?

Cancel final exit visa after its expiry

In order to do cancel the exit visa after its expiry i.e. 60 days, you will have to visit the Jawazat department along with the following documents; Jawazat Appointment with the option “Resident Services”. A Filled form to cancel the visa.

How long is final exit visa valid in Saudi Arabia?

The individual to whom the visa is to be issued must be present in Saudi Arabia when the visa is issued. The validity of the passport of the individual for whom the visa is to be issued should be 90 days or more for exit and re-entry.

Can I come back to Saudi Arabia after Huroob?

If the Huroob is set by the Ministry of Interior for not returning back to Saudi Arabia on an exit re-entry visa, the duration of the ban is 3 years.

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Can Iqama be renew for 6 months?

– The official Jawazat account on Twitter responded: “You can renew the iqama of domestic workers if the validity of their iqama is less than 14 months, and in the case of commercial workers, the validity of the iqama should be less than 6 months, on a condition of valid health insurance and work permit.

Can we transfer the sponsorship after your Iqama expiry?

You can transfer the sponsorship after one month of Iqama expiry. The worker’s service is rented to another person without his/her consent.

How can I pay my Iqama renewal fee online?

In order to pay the Iqama renewal fee online using your Al Rajhi Bank account, log in to Al Rajhi Bank application and click on the 3 dashes on the left-upper corner and then select; Payments. Government Payments. Expatriate Services.