How do you do a virtual tour on Zillow?

How do I add a virtual tour to Zillow?

Link directly on Zillow

  1. Login to your Zillow profile.
  2. Click on the Profile Icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Select Listings from the menu options.
  4. Click the Edit Listing button to the right of your chosen listing you wish to add a virtual tour to.

Does Zillow allow virtual tours?

Zillow virtual tour: 3D Home app

The Zillow 3D Home app makes it simple for sellers or listing agents to create virtual tours of homes right from their mobile device for free.

How does Zillow video tours work?

When a buyer finds a home they want to tour on Zillow or Trulia, they select a date and preferred tour time, indicate their preference for an in-person or video chat, and then submit their contact info.

How do I run a virtual tour?

How to Create a Virtual Tour in 8 Steps

  1. Choose the Right Equipment & Software. …
  2. Plan Your Shots. …
  3. Stage Each Room. …
  4. Level the Tripod. …
  5. Take Test Shots First. …
  6. Take All Photos on Your Image List. …
  7. Create Your Virtual Tour. …
  8. Share Your Virtual Tour.

How do I put Matterport on Zillow?

Zillow allows Matterport tours to be directly added to a Zillow listing. To add it, email Zillow at with the property address and the Matterport link that FPM sent you when your Matterport was ready. Zillow’s support team will add it to your listing on the backend of their system.

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How do I download Matterport 3D tour?

Go to the App store and search Matterport 3D Showcase and download the App. Once on your device, you’ll be able to download all of your 3D Tours. In order to download a tour, you’ll then need your tour ID for the property. Simply email us the property address of the 3D Tour and we will email you the tour ID.

How do you put a video on Zillow walkthrough?

Login to (or Zillow/PA app) with your profile email and password. Navigate to the “Agent Hub” and then to your “My Listings” page and click the “Add Video” button.

How do I post a video on Zillow?

Click on Listings in the menu, then My Listings. You’ll see all of your synced MLS listings. Find the listing you want to approve and publish a video for and click Add Video. You will be taken to the video page for your listing.