How long are Segway tours?

Do you tip for Segway tours?

Yes you should tip your tour guide if they provided good service.

What do you wear on a Segway tour?

Clothing – Please dress according to the weather. Dress in comfortable, casual clothes. Skirts are not recommended! Waterproofs are recommended in rainy conditions, it is also highly likely your clothes will get dirty during the experience so please take this into consideration when choosing your attire.

Is there a weight limit for Segway tours?

Yes. There is a minimum weight limit of 7stone (100lbs / 45kg) and an upper limit of 17.5 stone (245lbs / 110kg). These are the limits set by the manufacturer of the Segway. If your weight falls outside of these guidelines you may experience problems operating the Segway safely.

How much do you tip a Segway?

Do I really need to leave a tip? In our industry it is customary to tip tour guides 18-20% if you are pleased with your tour and receive excellent service.

How much do you tip a pink jeep tour guide?

It is customary to tip the guide. Gratuity is based on individual preference but we suggest 15% which is the industry standard. You may tip the guide in cash or have it added to your credit card. For groups of 8 or more, a gratuity of 15% is added.

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Are Segways easy to use?

Yes a Segway is very easy to ride. It is designed to easily transport you distances that are too far to walk but too short drive. If Segway’s were not easy to ride there would not be almost 1000 Segway tour companies in the world.

Can you fall off a Segway?

1. Re: Has anyone been on a Segway and are they easy to fall off? We, as a family did this tour last year, yes it does take a certain level of balance control and yes you can/will fall off if going to fast.

Has anyone died on a Segway?

In 2009, he bought Segway Inc., maker of the Segway personal transport system.

Jimi Heselden.

Jimi Heselden OBE
Died 26 September 2010 (aged 62) Leeds, England
Cause of death Accidental fall off cliff while riding a Segway
Nationality British

Can you ride a Segway with one hand?

No. A Segway would not be safe to drive with one arm. It isn’t a passive experience to drive them and requires good balance and more muscle control than you might imagine.