How much is Tanzania visa fee for Nigerians?

How much does a Tanzania visa cost from Nigeria?


Ordinary/Tourist Visa Nigerian Citizens: $100 (Multiple entry) for one year, 90 Days at a time Non-Nigerian and Nigerian Citizens: $50 (Single entry) for 90 Days Non-Nigerian Citizens: $100 (Double entry) for 90 Days each
Transit Visa Nigerian Citizens: $30 (Single entry) 90 Days

Is Tanzania visa free to Nigerians?

Nigerian passport holders do require a tourist visa (single-entry visa) for Tanzania, and this process is relatively easy! … Apply for your visa at least 15 days before your departure date to allow for ample processing time and in case additional documents are required.

Can a Nigerian get visa on arrival in Tanzania?

The Tanzanian visa on arrival means Nigerians will need to bring the required documentation in person and to wait at the border control, and answering more questions to border authorities.

How much does Tanzania visa cost?

The single entry Tanzanian visa cost is $50, while the multiple entry eVisa, available only for citizens of the United States, costs $100.

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How many hours does it take from Nigeria to Tanzania?

Average direct flight time is 5 hours 14 minutes.

The fastest direct flight from Nigeria to Tanzania is 5 hours 14 minutes.

How many hours is Lagos to Tanzania?

The distance between Lagos and Tanzania is 3873 km. The road distance is 7555.6 km. How long does it take to get from Lagos to Tanzania? It takes approximately 9h 10m to get from Lagos to Tanzania, including transfers.

Which countries can enter Tanzania without visa?

Nationals of Brazil, China, India, or Turkey, who hold a diplomatic, service, official, or special passport, are also granted visa-exempt access to Tanzania and do not need a visa. Certain citizens of foreign countries are also able to apply for a Visa Exemption Certificate for Tanzania free of charge.

What do I need to travel from Nigeria to Tanzania?

Fill out Tanzania tourist e-visa application form online

  1. a. Scanned copy of Nigeria passport. A clear scan of the information pages of your valid, signed passport.
  2. b. Passport-type photograph: must be uploaded to your applicant profile.
  3. c. Itinerary. Copy of confirmed tickets showing entry and exit to and from Tanzania.

How much is it for a visa to Nigeria?

Applicants are charged a visa fee of $160 for single-entry visa or multiple-entry visa. Payments are made by money order (made payable to the Embassy of Nigeria) or via the Nigeria Immigration Service webpage. Applicants must also pay an additional $30 processing fee.

What is the capital of Tanzania?

Is Rwanda visa free to Nigeria?

Yes, citizens of Nigeria require a visa to enter Rwanda. … An E-visa is an entry-exit visa to and from Rwanda. You can stay up to 30 days for a fee that will be less expensive and tiresome than a visa obtained on visiting the embassy.

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