Which has minimum interparticle attraction?

In which of the following the inter particle force of attraction is minimum?

Interparticle force of attraction is maximum in solids and minimum in gas.

Which has maximum interparticle spaces?

Answer: The interparticle is minimum in solid as inter molecular force of attraction is maximum in solid. liquids has more interparticle space than solid and gases have maximum interparticle space .

What has the least intermolecular space?

Explanation: The answer is air it is the least intermolecular space…..

Which state of matter has zero Diffusibility?

Question 1

List I List II
1. Have no definite shape, volume or free surface A. Solids only
2. Are highly compressible and less rigid B. Liquids only
3. Have a definite volume, no definite shape and are slightly diffusible C. Gases only
4. Are not compressible and have no diffusibility D. Liquids and gases only

Which of the following have maximum interparticle forces of attraction at room temperature?

Therefore, Iron has the strongest interparticle forces at room temperature.

What is the weakest intermolecular force?

The dispersion force is the weakest of all IMFs and the force is easily broken. However, the dispersion force can become very strong in a long molecule, even if the molecule is nonpolar.

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In which of the following are the weakest interparticle forces found?

Elastomers: Here different chains of polymers are held together by the weakest intermolecular forces.

Which state of matter has minimum force of attraction between the particles?

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Among all forms of matter, solid state has minimum space between the particles. The reason behind this is that the force of attraction between the particles is highest which keeps the particles packed thus creating minimum space between them.