Who needs a visa to visit Grenada?

Can you go to Grenada without a visa?

U.S. citizens do not require a Tourist Visa to enter Grenada. However, a valid U.S. passport is required.

How long can US citizen stay in Grenada?

A Grenada visa is not required for citizens of United States for a stay up to 90 days. You will need a passport valid for 6 months past then entry date.

How many countries are visa free for Grenada?

Grenada citizens can travel without a visa to 116 countries.

Grenada passport: travel visa-free to 144 countries.

No. Country Entry conditions
1 Botswana Visa-free
2 Cape Verde Islands Visa on arrival
3 Comoro Islands Visa-free
4 Egypt Visa on arrival

Which Caribbean countries require visas?

Indeed, the only Caribbean nation or territory to require an American tourist to purchase a visa is Cuba. Regardless, Cuba presents an unusual dilemma for American travelers because it is against the law of the United States for individuals to visit Cuba without a special license.

Can a US citizen live in Grenada?

A US citizen who has resided in Grenada lawfully for more than two years can apply for permanent residency. … Citizenship by investment: In exchange for an investment of at least $150,000 in Grenada’s economy, US citizens can get Grenada citizenship in two months’ time.

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Do Grenadians need US visa?

Maximum stay for holders of a Grenada passport who are travelling as a tourist is 120 days. Maximum of 90 days stay within 180 days period in the Schengen Area. No tourist visa is required. A stay of 90 days within a 180 day period in the Schengen Area is granted.

How do you get to Grenada from us?

Airlines that fly from the US directly to Grenada include JetBlue, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

  1. JetBlue flies directly to Grenada from New York.
  2. American Airlines flies direct to Grenada from Miami & Charlotte.
  3. Delta Airlines flies direct to Grenada from Atlanta.

How much does it cost to live in Grenada?

Totals: On average, we are spending $3,250EC ($1,200USD) / month, for the both of us living in Grenada.

Does Grenada allow dual citizenship?

There are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Grenada.

How do I become a citizen of Grenada?

To apply for the citizenship program in Grenada, you must be at least 18 years of age, be of a good character with no criminal record, and have good health.

How strong is Grenada passport?

According to La Vida’s Passport Report, Grenadian Passport is ranked 35 out of 109 countries when it comes to the most powerful passports in the world and combined with a Nigerian passport provides visa-free access to 163 countries, or 58.7% of the world’s GDP.

Is Grenada safe?

Grenada is assigned a level-one rating. The US Department of State also notes crime is predominantly opportunistic. Avoiding isolated areas and being aware of your surroundings—the same precautions you should exercise everywhere—are the best strategies. Also consider that Grenada is safer than some popular US cities.

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