Why does a charged body attract an uncharged body?

Why do charged objects attract uncharged objects?

When we put a charged object near an uncharged object, it produces opposite charges in the near end of the uncharged object by electric induction. … If we bring it near an uncharged sphere, the sphere forms negative charge near the glass rod, and positive charged on the end away from glass rod.

Can a charged body can attract uncharged body explain?

Yes, a charged body attracts an uncharged body as the oppositely charged bodies attract each other. This is known as the force of attraction.

What happens when a charged body is brought near an uncharged body?

When a negatively charged object, for instance,is placed near an uncharged object, the negative charges move away from the charged object and the positive charges move towards the charged object.

Do charged objects attract uncharged objects?

Uncharged objects: In spite of what the standard says, an uncharged object will not be attracted or repelled from a charged object. Instead, the charged object will cause the uncharged object to become charged, with a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other side.

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Can charged body attract neutral body?

Explain. Yes, a charged body can attract another uncharged body. When the charged body is placed near the uncharged body, the induced charges of opposite kind are produced on the uncharged body by the charged body.

When an uncharged body B is brought in contact with a positively charged body A?

Uncharged body acquires an equal and opposite charge.

Why are neutral bodies attracted to both the negatively and positively charged bodies?

A neutral object will attract both a positive and a negative charge. This is because in some objects, electrons are free to move and transform the charge from positive to negative. These attractive and repulsive forces are exactly that, forces. A charged object has an effect on other charged objects around it.

Can two like charged bodies attract each other explain?

yes, they can attract each other when one of them is very very large than the other. then, the electrostatic force acting on the two is not due to their initial charges but will be due to the charges produced due to induction and hence attraction takes place.

What is a charged body is brought near an uncharged body without touching it?

One method is known as induction. In the induction process, a charged object is brought near but not touched to a neutral conducting object. The presence of a charged object near a neutral conductor will force (or induce) electrons within the conductor to move.

What happens when a charged body?

A charged body loses its charge if we touch it with our hand because when we touch a charged body, it loses its charge and become neutral due to the process of earthing. Our body is a good conductor of electricity. It transfers the charges to the earth.

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When a charged body is brought near an uncharged conductor on the insulating stand?

When a charged body is brought near an uncharged conductor on the insulating stand. The nearer end of the conductor acquires the same charge while the farther end opposite charge. No charge is induced on the conductor. The nearer end of the conductor acquires opposite charge and the farther end the same charge.