Why there is a need for data privacy compliance in the travel & tourism sector?

Why there is a need for data privacy compliance in the travel & tourism sector?

Travel and tourism services in the country are seeing a steady, vibrant growth in demand, owing to the strong business climate and increasing domestic spending. Thus, there is a need for industry players to safeguard their customers’ trust by ensuring that personal information remains secure against data theft.

What is data protection in travel and tourism?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018 and enhanced consumer rights, including the ability to access the information you hold. All serviced and self-catering accommodation premises must keep a record of all guests over the age of 16.

What is the importance of having information system in tourism industry?

Information systems are used in the tourism industry to enable tourism consumers to identify, customize and acquire tourism services and products. It helps develop, manage and distribute offers to tourism consumers worldwide.

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Why is safety and security important in tourism?

Safety and security are vital to providing quality in tourism. More than any other economic activity, the success or failure of a tourism destination depends on being able to provide a safe and secure environment for visitors. This publication represents the result of a long-term effort by WTO.

What is the function of NPC in RA 10173?

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) is in charge of administering and implementing the DPA. It is also tasked to monitor and ensure compliance of the Philippines with international standards for personal data protection.

Why do we have a guest privacy notice?

To protect your vital interests. To protect the public interest. To protect the legitimate interests of the Hotel (or third party) provided that the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the Visitors do not override these interests.

Do you need customer consent to hold any data about them?

In short, no. Consent is one lawful basis for processing, but there are five others. … The alternative conditions for processing special category data are generally more restrictive and tailored to specific situations, but you should still check first whether any of them apply.

How long should customer personal data be stored after travel?

By law, we have to keep basic information about our customers (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for six years after they cease being customers for tax purposes.

Why is there a need to manage information in the hospitality industry?

Information technology in hotel industry has empowered modern hoteliers to run their business on data-driven insights. … Guests can easily access a wide variety of data like check-in/check-out timings, rate charts, restaurant details etc. anytime via internet.

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What is the importance of information system in hospitality industry?

An information system is the basis of a hotel as a business system. Its role is to improve the processes involved in performing, managing and strategically planning business operations. It enhances the intangible features of services and increases process and service quality through improvements and innovations.