Best answer: Why does charged plastic attract paper?

Why does a charged plastic rod attract paper?

For example, a negatively charged plastic object such as a comb or ruler repels electrons in a piece of paper. The near side of the paper to the plastic object becomes positively charged, so it is attracted to the plastic object.

Why does static electricity attract paper?

You can observe static electricity if you run a plastic comb through your hair, then place the comb near small pieces of paper. The paper is attracted to the comb. This happens because the charged comb induces an opposite charge in the paper and as opposite charges attract, the paper sticks to the comb.

Why do electrified rods attract?

Answer: When electrified rods are brought near light objects,the rods induce opposite charges on the near surfaces of object as well as on farther side of object. … Thus the electrified road attracts light objects.

Why do drivers become electrostatically charged?

The negative charge in the water is attracted by the rod and the positive charge is repelled. As the bottles go towards the filler, they move around on the conveyer belt and become electrostatically charged. This causes the stream of mouthwash to move sideways, missing the open top of the bottle.

Can static attract plastic?

When plastic components become charged, pieces of dirt including dust, plastic bits, hair, cutting oils and other debris will be attracted to the charge. … Because of the static charge, no amount of ordinary washing, blowing or straining the parts will dislodge the particles.

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Why is hair attracted to comb during a hot day?

The comb, covered in negatively charged electrons, becomes negatively charged as well, and your hair is left with a positive charge. … If two objects have different charges, they attract (or pull towards) each other.