Can I get a visa if I have family in Australia?

Can you immigrate to Australia if you have family there?

Eligible relatives living in a designated regional area of Australia can provide family sponsorship of a provisional skilled visa. … To be eligible to sponsor you your relative must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Can I go with my family to study in Australia?

Most student visas allow you to bring your family members to Australia as your dependants. … Family members include your spouse, and you and your spouse’s dependent children. Before bringing your spouse or children to Australia, you will have to prove that you can support them financially.

Can I bring my relatives to Australia?

To sponsor a relative to Australia, you must be a settled Australian citizen or permanent resident. You must also be at least 18 years old. As a sponsor, you must also have the ability to pay a security bond if asked by the Department. The amount for the security bond is discretionary.

Can a relative sponsor me to live in Australia?

You will need to have a sponsor to apply for a relative visa to live in Australia as a permanent resident. A sponsor must be one of the following or their partner: … An Australian permanent resident, or. An eligible New Zealand citizen.

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Can I live in Australia if my son lives there?

Australian citizens and permanent residents do not have an absolute right to bring any relative to live in Australia. Even legally married spouses and dependent children must meet all the requirements for migration before they can come to Australia.

How can I move to Australia with my family?

4 easy steps: Migrate to Australia with your family

  1. Job search and house-hunting. For financial security, knowing the job market is important. …
  2. Apply for visa. Some visas require nomination from a state or territory government. …
  3. Prepare for immigration. …
  4. Arrival and settling in.

Does Australia allow parents as dependents?

If you are coming to Australia on a temporary worker visa, only your spouse or de facto partner and any unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent family visas. … Any children under the age of 25. Aged dependent relatives such as parents or grandparents.

Can mother go with student in Australia?

The Student Guardian (Subclass 580) visa allows parents and other legal guardians of international students to enter Australia with them in order to provide accommodation, welfare, and financial support to them while they study.

Can I bring my family on a student visa?

As an international student, you may consider bringing your dependents to the United States to live with you. F-1 and M-1 students may be eligible to bring their children, who are unmarried and under the age of 21, and/or spouse to live with them while they study in the United States.

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Who is immediate family in Australia?

Parents of adult Australian citizens and permanent residents

biological parents. legal (including adoptive) parents. step-parents. parents in-law.

How can I apply for family visa in Australia?

Both partners must be 18 years or above. You must be engaged to an Australian permanent resident, or a citizen, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. Your visa application must be sponsored by your prospective spouse/partner. You must be intended to marry each other within 9-months’ period.

Are Brothers immediate family?

Immediate family member means father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and domestic partner and civil unions recognized under State law.