How long does it take to extend H4 visa?

How long it takes for H4 extension?

H4 change of status is taking 2 to 12 months. California Service Center is processing H4 and L2 Change of status faster than Vermont. Vermont has slowest processing time of 8 months. USCIS Nebraska Center is approving at same speed as California.

Can H4 extension be expedited?

Anyone can apply for Expedite request based on certain criteria like severe loss to company or person, urgent humanitarian reasons, US govt. interests, or USCIS error.

Is there premium processing for H4 extension?

Premium Processing for H4 COS, Extensions:

USCIS will provide option for H1B visa holder dependents, who are H4 Visa holders, to file Extensions and Change of Status (COS) applications that are typically filed using Form I-539 in Premium processing.

How can I check my H4 extension status?

How to Check USCIS Case Status Online

  1. Go to my USCIS Case Status Search Case Status Online.
  2. Enter your 13-digit receipt number in box below “Enter your receipt number”.
  3. Click on the “Check Status” button and wait.
  4. Once the page refreshes you will see information about your case.

Can H4 stay after 240 day?

H4 dependents are allowed to stay beyond 240 days – real world. In the real-world, the H4 dependents are ALLOWED by USCIS even after 240 days (of i94 expiry) to stay in the US, as long as their primary H1B’s visa is VALID.

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Can I stay in US while waiting for H4?

H4 dependents can stay in the USA while the H4 application is pending with USCIS even after 240 days of i94 expiry.

Can I travel when my H4 extension is pending?

Yes, you can travel out of US, when your H4 Extension is pending. … The key thing is, when you re-enter US and go through Port of Entry Procedures the CBP officer will give you new I-94 and that number would be different from the H4 extension that you received with USCIS.

Is H4 processing time improving?

If your application was filed at Texas Service Center on or before Service Request Date in above processing times table, you can raise a Service Request with USCIS as a follow up.

Texas Service Center.

Case Type Processing Time Service Request Date
H4 Extensions 6 Months – 7 Months April 09, 2021

How can I get H4 extension?

If you need additional time, you can apply for an H4 Visa extension by filing out and submitting Form I-539 before your visa expires. To be eligible for an H4 visa renewal, you must resubmit evidence of your relationship with the primary H visa holder.

Why is USCIS taking so long to process 2020?

While the current administration has made some useful changes, including noted policies, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the continued slowdown. For example, from March to July 2020, USCIS closed its offices for biometric interviews and appointments, creating a delay, especially for biometric appointments.