How was the foreigner dressed in horse and two goats?

How was the foreigner dressed?

The foreigner was dressed in khakhi clothes just like in the policeman’s attire. Muni feel the urge to run when he first laid eyes in him because he thought foreigner as a police man who had come to inquire about the murder that had happened there.

Who was the foreigner in a horse and two goats?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist in india. He was rich American buisnessman who dealt in coffee. He was polite and courteous as he offered Muni a cigarette and though he did not understood Muni,he listened to him attentively.

What did Muni often dream of how was the foreigner dressed?

Muni, dreamt of setting a small shop by putting a thatched roof and by spreading the gunny sack out on the ground and displaying on it some fried nuts, green coconut, coloured sweets on the highway for the hungry travelers. This was the dream of the Munni in the horse and two goats. Often, she used to see this dream.

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What was the visitor actually interested in?

Question 2 : What was the visitor actually interested in? How did his dress confuse Muni? Answer : The visitor was actually interested in the clay horse statue. He wanted to buy it and take it as a show piece for his home.

Who was thinking of running away why horse and two goats?

Muni felt the urge to run away because he thought the visitor to be a policeman or a soldier approaching to arrest the man who committed a murder nearby a few days back, and he was afraid that the man may mistakenly think him to be the culprit and arrest, or at least may involve him in the case unnecessarily.

Where did Muni lead his goats to?

Answer: He lead his goats to outskirts of Kritam (his village) . He urged and bullied the goats until he meandered to the foot of the horse statue on the edge of the village . He sat on its pedestal for the rest of the day .

Who was the foreigner What did the foreigner say look at the Clay horse?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist/traveller whose car stopped at Kritam as his vehicle was ran out of gas. He lookedup qt clay horse and cried ‘Marvellous‘…

What did the foreigner say when he looked at the clay horse?

2. What did the foreigner say looking at the clay horse? He looked up at the clay horse and cried, “ Marvellous.”

How does the story a horse and two goats reflect a clash between two cultures?

Answer: Two men from different cultural backgrounds meet and are unable to understand each other’s way of life. Muni is uneducated, rural, and Indian, while the American is affluent, urban, and learned. … Unlike in many stories with culture clash as a theme, “A Horse and Two Goats” does not portray any real harm.

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Why did Muni bully the goats?

Answer: he bullied the goats because he was angry that the shopkeeper said that his age was seventy years.

What did Muni often dream of in the story a horse and two goats?

Narayan’s story “A Horse and Two Goats”? Muni often dreamt of setting up a small shop by putting up a thatched roof, spreading gunny sack out on the ground, and displaying on it fried nuts, coloured sweets and green coconut for the thirsty and hungry travellers on the highway.

How old Muni actually was?

Muni was actually 70 years old. He told the shopkeeper that he was only 50 as he counted his age from the great famine that once took place in his village.