What are the tourism slogans in the Philippines?

What are tourism slogans?

Top 10: The best tourism slogans

  • Djibouti – “Djibeauty”
  • Scotland – “A spirit of its own”
  • Morocco – “Much mor”
  • Cape Verde – “No stress”
  • Greece – “All time classic”
  • Latvia – “Best enjoyed slowly”
  • Argentina – “Beats to your rhythm”
  • Norway – “Powered by nature”

What is the slogan of the Philippines?

Tourism Slogan of Every Country in the World

Country Tourism Slogan
Peru Land of the Incas
Philippines It’s More Fun in the Philippines
Poland Move your imagination
Portugal Europe’s West Coast

What is Japan’s slogan?

The new slogan ‘Japan. Endless Discovery‘, implies that Japan is a destination with countless historical, traditional, and cultural attractions, encouraging travellers to see the country as a destination for visiting more than once.

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