Why can a plastic comb attract tissue paper?

Why does a plastic comb attract paper?

Plastic comb gets electrically charged due to rubbing & therefore it attracts tiny pieces of paper. A charged body can attract an uncharged body.

What happens when you rub tissue paper on a plastic comb?

If you rub a piece of tissue paper on a plastic comb, the paper and comb stick together. … Happens because when these are rubbed together the tissue gives charge to the comb and paper and therefore they will stick to the stick because the stick is negatively charged.

How can a charged plastic comb attract neutral pieces of paper?

ANSWER: The paper is initially attracted to the comb because the comb causes separation of charge in the paper. The part of the paper pieces with positive charge is attracted to the comb. When the paper touches the comb, some of the excess negative charge in the comb is transferred to the paper.

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Why does a comb rubbed against dry hair attracts pieces of paper?

when plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair , it acquires charge due to static electricity and so it attracts pieces of paper which is uncharged.

Why must JOSE use a plastic comb rather than a metal comb?

Why? Plastic is an insulator, whereas metals are good conductors of electricity. When a plastic comb is rubbed on our hair, it acquires static charges, which do not move. If we do the same with a metal comb, it will not hold static electricity; the charges move from the comb to our body.

Why does a nylon or plastic comb gets electrified on combing or rubbing but a metal spoon does not?

Plastic comb is poor conductor of electricity so they contain static charges. While rubbing, due to friction,these static charges gain energy and get electrified. Whereas metal do not contain static charges as they are good conductors of electricity.

Do plastic combs cause static?

Plastic and metal combs and brushes can cause static in your hair because they have a positive electrical charge and hair has a negative electrical charge which attracts hair to the comb causing static and/or frizz.

What happens to your hair after rubbing the comb balloon on it repeatedly how about the tissue paper?

When a rubber balloon is rubbed against human hair, electrons are transferred from the hair to the rubber, giving the balloon a net negative charge, and leaving the hair with a net positive charge.

Why is the electrically neutral paper piece attracted by a charged comb brought near it explain?

6 Answers. This is because the neutrality of polarity can be changed by electric field in this case. When you create – charge in the comb and you expose the pieces of paper to the electric field created by the charge, you will polarise them so that the part closer to the comb will be + and the other will be -.

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Is there any interaction between the paper and plastic cover?

When it comes near the neutral paper, the negative tape pushes on the negative charges in the paper and pulls on the positive charge. … This charged air could then be repelled by the parts of the plastic with the same charge and attracted to the opposite charge plastic.