Your question: Does Vietnamese citizen need visa for Canada?

Do Vietnamese citizens need a visa for Canada?

Canada tourist visa from Vietnam

Most visitors from Vietnam will not be allowed to travel to Canada.

Which country Vietnamese need visa?

APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders with valid passports are exempt from Vietnam visa requirements for stay of no longer than 60 days.

Vietnam Visa Exemption.

Countries Passport Required MAXIMUM STAY
Cambodia Yes less than 30 days
Indonesia Yes less than 30 days
Kyrgyzstan Yes less than 30 days
Laos Yes less than 30 days

Do I need a visa to go to Canada?

Most people need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada – not both. Some people may only need their valid passport.

Can a Vietnamese citizen visit the UK?

As a Vietnamese citizen, you cannot travel to the United Kingdom unless you obtain a visa first. That can be achieved only if you go to the nearest British embassy. Even so, iVisa can be of some help so that you can obtain a UK Standard Visitor Visa with a little less effort.

Are Vietnamese allowed to leave Vietnam?

Answer: According to Article 33, 34 of the Law on exit and entry of Vietnamese citizens, Vietnamese citizens are allowed to exit or enter Vietnam when their passports and travel documents are intact and valid and have visas for foreign countries, and they are not subject to exit suspension and exit prohibition.

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Does Vietnam allow dual citizenship?

Vietnam has permitted dual citizenship under limited circumstances since July 1, 2009. … Those having Vietnamese parents or children or married to a Vietnamese spouse, those who make special contributions or benefit Vietnam may apply for dual citizenship.

Can you go to Cancun with a Vietnamese passport?

Vietnamese citizens, the same as other 66 nationalities, do not need a tourist visa if you intend to travel to Mexico for tourism purposes. … However, a Mexico tourist card or a Forma Migratoria Multiple is necessary regardless of the nationality. The document can be obtained on the plane or when you arrive in Mexico.

Do Vietnamese need visa to enter Australia?

Vietnam Visa Requirements

Vietnam does grant visas for Australian citizens on arrival.

Do Vietnamese need a visa for Europe?

These are travelers that intend to travel to Schengen states for a short period of a maximum 90 days and require a Schengen visa. For example Vietnam citizens, Indian citizens among many others. Those wishing to travel to Schengen countries and stay for more than three months and therefore require national visas.