Best answer: How can I apply for Austria student visa from Nigeria?

How much bank balance is required for Austria student visa?

You have to prove sufficient financial means to finance your stay: students up to 24 years of age have to prove that they have at least 515,30 Euros per month ; students of 24 years of age or older have to prove that they have at least 933,06 Euros per month [as of 2019] – these amounts have to be proved for a maximum …

How much is Austrian visa fee in Nigeria?

The visa fee (60 euros for adults, 35 euros for children aged 6 to 12) has to be paid in Naira upon submission of the application and is not refundable.

What are the requirements for student visa in Austria?

In order to apply for a student visa for Austria, you need::

  • Valid Passport. …
  • Visa Application Form. …
  • Travel Insurance. …
  • Identity Pictures. …
  • You have to include proof of your accommodation. …
  • Itinerary for your travel. …
  • Financial Means. …
  • Proof of admission.
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How do I apply for Austria visa from Nigeria?

Travelers who intend to visit Austria have to submit their visa applications at the offices of VFS in Lagos or Abuja without booking an appointment. The application form must be printed out, filled out correctly, signed by the applicant and submitted personally with all the other required documents.

Can I stay in Austria after graduation?

After graduating from a German university, international students can extend their student visa for 18 months. Same as in Austria, this period allows them to find a job that fulfills their qualifications. After finding the job, graduates are able to apply for the German residence permit or EU Blue Card.

What documents do I need to get a student visa?

F-1 Visa Admission Requirements

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A copy of the photo you will use for your visa.
  3. Printed copies of your DS-160 and I-901 SEVIS payment confirmations.
  4. I-20 form.
  5. School transcript and official test scores cited on your university application.
  6. Diploma (if applicable)
  7. Bank statements or other proof of finances.

Do they speak English in Austria?

While English is widely spoken in Austria, it has no official status there. Instead, official communications, signage and so forth uses German, as that is the primary language of Austria.

Can Nigerians go to Austria?

Austria Embassy in Nigeria

To acquire an Austrian visa, applicants will have to fill out an application form with the required details, pay the processing fee and attend a meeting to discuss their visa application. … They will also be required to answer some basic questions regarding their plans for traveling to Austria.

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Can I work in Austria with a student visa?

Working whilst studying

Students from the EU (excluding Croatia), the EEA and Switzerland can work freely in Austria without a permit. … Other students will be eligible to apply for a work permit, subject to holding a valid residence permit.

Is it easy to get student visa for Austria?

If you’re a non-EU/EEA or Swiss national planning on studying in Austria for over six months, you’ll need to apply for a student visa and a student residence permit. … You’ll still need to register with the Austrian authorities if you plan on staying for more than three months, but this is quick and easy.

How much money do I need to study in Austria?

While tuition costs vary from one study programme to the next, foreign students should expect to pay anywhere between 3,000 – 23,000 EUR/year. Some specialised programmes demand tuition fees of 35,000 EUR/year or more. Find out more details about tuition fees in Austrian universities.

How long does it take to get student visa for Austria?

How Long Does it Take to Get an Austrian Student Visa? It can take up to 6 weeks to get an interview appointment at an Austrian embassy, depending on the demand for appointments. It can then take a further 1-4 weeks to process the visa application.