Best answer: How long was 2 tours in Vietnam?

How long was a standard tour in Vietnam?

All US military personnel serving in Vietnam during the Vietnam War were eligible for one R&R during their tour of duty (13 months for marines, 12 months for soldiers, sailors, airmen).

What was the average tour of duty in Vietnam?

How long was a typical tour of duty in Vietnam Back in the days of the Vietnam War, Army forces served a 12-month tour. It should be noted that Officers completed twelve months tours, with only six months spent in combat in charge of troops.

What was a two timer in Vietnam?

when a soldier had approximately two months remaining on his tour in Vietnam, he might take a long stick and notch it for each of his remaining days in-country. As each day passed he would cut the stick off another notch until on his rotation day he was left with only a small stub.

How long is 2 tours in the Army?

As of 2018, typical tours are 6-9 or even 12 months’ deployment depending upon the needs of the military and branch of service. Soldiers are eligible for two weeks of leave after six months of deployment.

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How long is 3 tours in the military?

In times of war, a soldier may be sent on a tour of duty up to three times. A person, once deployed, can get two weeks of vacation after six months of deployment.

How long did the average soldier serve in Vietnam?

Fact: The average infantryman in the South Pacific during World War II saw about 40 days of combat in four years. The average infantryman in Vietnam saw about 240 days of combat in one year thanks to the mobility of the helicopter. One out of every 10 Americans who served in Vietnam was a casualty.

How long did a draftee have to serve in Vietnam?

Draftees had a service obligation of two years, but volunteers served longer tours—four years in the case of the Air Force. Another alternative was to join the National Guard or the Reserve, go to basic training, and then serve out one’s military obligation on training weekends and short active duty tours.

What does hump mean in Vietnam?

hump To travel on foot, especially when carrying and transporting necessary supplies for field combat. platoon A military unit composed of two or more squads or sections, normally under the command of a lieutenant: it is a subdivision of a company, troop, and so on.

What did being short mean in Vietnam?

Since tenure in Vietnam was measured in days, a soldier, who was “short”, had less than 99 days to go in his tour. It was cause for celebration and time to start counting down the days until only a “wake up” remained. Being “short” was a measure of stature to his peers.

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