Frequent question: Does Union List include foreign affairs?

Is foreign affairs a part of Union List?

Note: Security, international affairs, currency and coinage, war and peace, atomic energy, national resources, are the key subjects of the Union List.

What does the Union List consists?

Union List. The Union List is a list of 98 subjects. (Originally 97) numbered items as provided in the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India. The Union Government or Parliament of India has exclusive power to legislate on matters relating to these items.

Is Foreign Affairs included in the state list?

Foreign affairs and Currency are the other important subjects included in the Union List. The subjects which are of national importance are included in the Union List.

Which one of the following is not included in Union List?

Which of the following matters are not included in the Union List? I. Defence II. Prisons III. Liquor policy IV. Minor Ports V. Irrigation

  • Banking. State List. Public order and police. Concurrent List. Labour Welfare. …
  • State list. Estate duty in respect of agricultural land. Residuary power. Inter planetary outer space travel.
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What is the difference between Union List and state list?

The Union List has a range of subjects under which the Parliament may make laws. This includes defence, foreign affairs, railways, banking, among others. The State List lists subjects under which the legislature of a state may make laws.

What is Union List Class 10?

The Union List is a list of subjects of national importance. These include national defence, foreign affairs, banking, communications and currency. These subjects are included in this list because there is a need for the formation of a uniform national policy on these issues.

What comes under the concurrent list?

Some examples of the subjects in the concurrent list are criminal law, criminal procedure, administration of justice, evidence and oaths, inland shipping, preventive detention, marriage and divorce, property other than agricultural land, population control and family planning, trade unions, contract, actionable wrongs, …

Which is not included in State List?

Which subject is not included in state list? Public order (but not including the use of any naval, military or air force or any other armed force of the Union or of any other force subject to the control of the Union or of any contingent or unit thereof in aid of the civil power).

Is trade union in concurrent list?

Trade unions; industrial and labour disputes. 23. Social security and social insurance; employment and unemployment. … Welfare of labour including conditions of work, provident funds, employers’ liability, workmen’s compensation, invalidity and old age pensions and maternity benefits.

Which one of the following is not included in the State List?

Option D- Railways is the only subject that does not come under the state list among the options. It comes under the Union list.

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