Frequent question: How many tourists visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa each year?

How many people visit Pisa a year?

Today the Tower gathers over 5 million visitors each year and it makes about 21 million Euro per year.

Is the tower of Pisa worth visiting?

Pisa is known for the Leaning Tower and, yes, this iconic building is worth a visit. But Pisa isn’t just about one tower. Pisa is a small city full of history, culture, friendly locals and great food. All of which make Pisa worth visiting.

Is Leaning Tower of Pisa safe?

The lean of the tower is now considered safe and is about what it was in 1700. Restorers are now using a specially-designed, light-weight scaffolding made of an aluminum alloy as a base from which to clean the tower’s white and grey marble.

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