Quick Answer: What are the objectives of tourist for visiting Nepal?

What are the objectives of the tourist for visiting Nepal write in points?

To develop Nepal as an attractive and major tourist destination by exploring, conserving, developing and promoting tangible as well as intangible, natural, cultural, biological and human made heritages. To develop, expand and promote tourism by means of easy, safe, reliable and regular air and land transportations.

What are the objectives of tourism?

The objectives of tourism is to visit such places for the purpose of faith,education, curiosity, entertainment, fun and happiness.

What are the objectives of promotion in tourism?

The objective of tourism promotion is to create an interest in the destination and the product it offers.

What are the three main objectives of tourism?

These are: visitor satisfaction, community development, resource protection, and economic development. This choice of goals for tourism is not surprising, as ultimately the primary motive for tourism development is likely to be economic gains both on the part of private investors as well as governments (Sinha, 1998).

What are the aims and objectives of tourism?

for the purpose of promotion and growth of tourism. To acquire, operate and maintain cars, buses, coaches, launches, rope ways and other modes of transport for communication of tourists. To provide entertainment to tourists, organise tourism related activities such as cultural shows, fairs and festivals etc.

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What are the main objectives of tourism planning in a destination?

Gunn (2002) similarly suggests that tourism planning should be directed towards four main goals: sustainable use of resources, enhanced visitor satisfaction, integration of local community and area and improved economy and business success.

What is visit Nepal means?

Visit Nepal 2020 was the third tourism promotion campaign undertaken by the Government of Nepal, following the first in 1998 and second in 2011. The government aims to attract 1.5–2 million tourists in 2020. The 2020 campaign was coordinated by Suraj Vaidya alongside members of the Program Implementation Sub Committee.

What is tourism planning?

Tourism planning refers to the overall process of deploying the development goals and the implementation of a comprehensive tourism system. … The aims of tourism planning include increased visitor satisfaction, increased economic benefits, and the protection of basic cultural and natural resources.