What is the difference between the role of a travel agency and a travel agent give example?

What is the difference between travel agent and travel agency?

The biggest difference between using a travel agency and using travel services is the personal contact. Travel agencies hire individuals to work with people to schedule trips. When hiring a travel agency, an individual will be able to work with one travel agent. This can be done in person, on the phone or by email.

What is the most important role of a travel agency?

A travel agent’s role is to help people plan, choose and arrange their holiday. They will usually work to a budget set out by whoever is planning the holiday. They also offer advice and opinions on where to go and local tourist attractions, events and customs.

What is the role of travel agencies in hospitality and tourism industry?

Travel agencies are private or public sector hospitality businesses that sell travel- and tourism-related services, as well as products, to customers. … Using this information, the travel agency will recommend various travel- and tourism-related services and products.

What are the types of travel agency?

There are two types of travel agencies viz., retail travel agency and wholesale travel agency. Both the travel agencies as well as tour operators act as intermediaries. They strengthen the buying and selling process in travel industry.

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