Who is the CEO of EF Tours?

Where is EF Tours based?

With offices in Boston and Denver, our doors are always open so you can drop in for a visit.

Is EF Academy for profit?

A for-profit educational organization, EF Academy is everything you would expect from a world-class boarding school – modern facilities, experienced teachers, and internationally recognized academic programs that provide students with a superior education that empowers them to excel.

Is EF Education First legit?

EF English First is Reputable company

English First Online is reputable company. I work for the division that teaches Chinese children how to speak English. While there are many companies that hire tutors/teachers to each Chinese I think EF is one of the best. … All the support people with EF Online have been helpful.

Can you go on an EF tour alone?

Are your tours good for solo travelers? Yes! One of the best parts about a group tour is that when you travel by yourself, you’ll never be alone. No matter which of our tours you pick, when you go solo, you’ll have your Tour Director and fellow travelers to keep you company.

When did EF start in China?

EF Education First was founded in 1965 by Bertil Hult, an entrepreneur with a penchant for success and a passion for international education. Over the next 30 years, EF continued to expand globally and in 1997, EF opened a local English language training centre branch in Shanghai, China.

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