Why did Larry Shue write the foreigner?

What was the occupation of the foreigner?

The foreigner was a tourist in india. He was rich American buisnessman who dealt in coffee. He was polite and courteous as he offered Muni a cigarette and though he did not understood Muni,he listened to him attentively.

How long do Charlie and Froggy stay at the lodge?

Charlie, a science fiction editor whose wife finds him boring, has come along for a much needed getaway. The problem is he is pathologically shy and is terrified at the prospect of having to converse with strangers at the lodge for three days.

What is the theme of the foreigner?

Search for Self. Though Shue’s main interest in The Foreigner is to make his audience laugh, he is also concerned with the theme of self-awareness. Charlie, Ellard, Betty, and Catherine struggle to discover who they really are while David and Owen attempt to hide their real identities from both others and themselves.

What promise did Muni make to the foreigner?

Answer: Muni promised the foreigner that if they found the murderer, they would hold him for him. They would bury him up to his neck in a coconut pit if he tried to escape.

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What was the foreigner interested in?

Question 2 : What was the visitor actually interested in? How did his dress confuse Muni? Answer : The visitor was actually interested in the clay horse statue. He wanted to buy it and take it as a show piece for his home.

Who was the foreigner What did the foreigner say?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist/traveller whose car stopped at Kritam as his vehicle was ran out of gas. He lookedup qt clay horse and cried ‘Marvellous’…

Who wrote the foreigner play?

How does the foreigner end?

The investigation is resolved to have no loose ends, so the police shoot Maggie dead. Meanwhile, Hennessy has Sean execute Mary as payback. Hennessy receives a phone call from Davies, who vows to keep her eye on him. Quan visits Hennessy for the last time.