Your question: Can you take a tour with Rick Steves?

Can you go on a tour with Rick Steves?

Independent travel is full of thrills, but some people prefer to let us do the work for them. … Stop by our tour desk for a chat with one of our tour-sales experts — they have all assisted or guided many of our tours, so you can get a first-hand account of what it is like to travel on a Rick Steves tour.

How much does a tour with Rick Steves cost?

Comparing Prices

High-End Rick Steves Tours
Price per day $400–1,050 $200–350
Group size 18–40 24–28
Meals 50–75% included 50% included
Sightseeing All included All included

How do I cancel my Rick Steves tour?

Credit request process: If you need to cancel your tour you must notify RSE immediately in writing: sent via email to or mailed to 130 4th Ave N, Edmonds, WA 98020. Cancellations become effective on the date received by RSE and are governed by the RSE Tour Credit Terms and Conditions.

How do I book a tour with Rick Steves?

Contact Tour Sales & Service at or 425-608-4217.

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What is the difference between Trafalgar and Insight Tours?

Insight’s deals cover particular dates, destinations and trip types. … Trafalgar tends to offer discounts on specific tours where Insight offers them more based on location.

Is Tauck Tours worth the money?

Tauck always delivers an excellent tour experience-well worth its cost. This was my 7th tour with them. Tauck is the premiere of traveling experiences, high end but well worth the money. The ease and efficiency with which Affordable Tours put this package were exceptional.

Do Trafalgar Tours include airfare?

Trafalgar shall not be responsible for matters concerning frequent flyer miles. Airfares will be provided at time of booking, will be based on roundtrip purchase, and will include air-related taxes, fees and fuel surcharges imposed by the airlines.

What Rick Steves says about travel?

“COVID can derail our travel plans, but it cannot stop our travel dreams,” the famed guidebook writer said in a recent interview.

What is Rick Steves like in real life?

He is a Fun Dude

For his PBS show, Rick has a very chill and friendly persona. Like any television personalities, his real character is not as watered down and wholesome. While he is easygoing, he is still pretty intensely hard-working, as mentioned above. Also, the guy can be pretty funny.

Is Anne Steves married?

How can I write to Rick Steves?

Email Rick at, or write to him c/o 130 4th Ave N, Edmonds, WA 98020.