Your question: What is the scope of MBA in tourism?

Is there any scope for MBA in tourism?

What are the MBA in Travel and Tourism Jobs in India? The Travelling and Tourism sector is one of the most flourishing industries to make a career. … MBA graduates can work in different sectors like Travel companies, Airlines, Hotel Industry, etc, these degree holders get ample of job opportunities to choose from.

What are the benefits of MBA in tourism?

9 Benefits Of MBA In Tourism & Hospitality

  • Make A Fortune. …
  • Enjoy Your Work. …
  • Extra Benefits And Incentives. …
  • Break The Boredom. …
  • See Several Cultures. …
  • Explore Varied Career Options. …
  • Ample Room For Creativity. …
  • Room to Grow.

What can I do after MBA in tourism management?

Career Opportunities After MBA in Tourism & Hospitality

  1. Event Manager. Event managers are the people in charge of organising events. …
  2. F&B Manager. Food & Beverage managers are like quality control managers for food & beverage. …
  3. Hotel & Resort Manager. …
  4. Tourism Coordinator. …
  5. Global Development Manager.

Who can MBA tourism?

What are the MBA in Travel and Tourism Eligibility Requirements?

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized Indian or foreign university.
  • Must have secured a minimum of 50% in graduation degree.
  • Must have qualified the respective entrances tests of colleges.
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What is the salary of tourism?

The average salary for a travel consultant is about INR 3,05,000 and can increase to about INR 5,80,000 per year. Tourists usually have umpteen questions about the places they’re visiting.

Which country is best for MBA in Travel and Tourism?

Six Best Spots for Tourism Studies

  1. Sweden. If IKEA, ABBA and Volvo are the extent of your knowledge of Sweden, it may be time to broaden your horizons. …
  2. Switzerland. …
  3. The United States. …
  4. Thailand. …
  5. France. …
  6. The Netherlands.

Which MBA course is best?

Top 10 MBA Specializations

  • MBA Human Resource Management.
  • MBA International Business.
  • MBA Banking & Financial Services.
  • MBA Business Analytics.
  • MBA Rural Management.
  • MBA Healthcare Management.
  • MBA Agri Business Management.
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management.

What are the job opportunities for tourism management?

What Jobs Can You Get With a Tourism Management Degree?

  • Front desk clerk/receptionist.
  • Events manager.
  • Hotel or resort manager.
  • Housekeeper.
  • Tour operator.
  • Tourism marketing manager.
  • Travel agency manager.
  • Tourist Information Centre manager.

What is the salary for a travel consultant?

Travel Consultant Salaries

Job Title Salary
Flight Centre Travel Group Travel Consultant salaries – 271 salaries reported $37,000/yr
Travel Associates Travel Consultant salaries – 13 salaries reported $80,000/yr
Flight Centre Travel Group Travel Consultant salaries – 11 salaries reported $38,457/yr

Can I do MBA in travel and tourism after BBA?

Yes, you can do MBA IT after doing BBA in any specialization.