Your question: What is the foreign word of intoto?

What does intoto mean?

: as a whole : totally or completely. See the full definition for in toto in the English Language Learners Dictionary. in toto. adverb. in to·​to | in-ˈtō-tō

What’s a foreign word?

1 : a word of a foreign language. 2 : a word taken from another language, pronounced and written as alien, and in English usually printed in italics. 3 : a word adopted from another language : loanword.

Is Toto an English word?

In toto is Latin, from the root word totus, “whole or entire.”

How do you use Toto in a sentence?

in entirety.

  1. The proposal was accepted in toto.
  2. The available information amounts to very little in toto.
  3. They accepted the plan in toto.
  4. The paper reprinted the article in toto.
  5. On this question I differ from you in toto.
  6. This is 1294 historical record in Toto .
  7. In recommendations were adopted in toto.

What are examples of foreign words?

Foreign Words And Phrases Now Used In English

ab initio Latin from the beginning
de facto Latin in fact, whether by right or not
Dei gratia Latin by the grace of God
déjà vu French the sense of having experienced the present situation before (literally ‘already seen’)
de jure Latin rightful; by right (literally ‘of law’)

What is foreign example?

The definition of foreign is from a country other than your own. An example of a foreign language is Spanish, if you live in the U.S. An example of a foreign country is Spain, if you live in the U.S.

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Is foreign a bad word?

“Foreign” is an acceptable word when used to describe policies, but referring to a person as “foreign” or a “foreigner” leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Think about it: would you like to be called foreign? Anyone called by that term is automatically labeled as “other” – someone that doesn’t belong.

What is the synonym of Toto?

in totoadverb. Synonyms: totally, completely, on the whole, altogether.

What does Toto mean in Chinese?

/ˌɪn ˈtəʊ.təʊ/ us. /ˌɪn ˈtoʊ.t̬oʊ/ as a total or whole. 全部,完全