Quick Answer: Why the pieces of paper get attracted to the ruler?

Why does plastic ruler attract pieces of paper when it is rubbed with dry hair?

Plastic comb gets electrically charged due to rubbing & therefore it attracts tiny pieces of paper. A charged body can attract an uncharged body.

Why the pieces of paper get attracted to the comb?

The comb has become charged by friction, acquiring an excess of electrons. … This leaves a net positive charge on the side close to the comb, and since unlike charges attract, the paper is attracted to the comb.

Is paper positively or negatively charged?

The bits of paper are electrically neutral, but when you bring the rod close to them, even though paper is not a conductor, that is, the charges within it are not free to move about as a current, the negative charges have enough mobility that they are repelled by the rod.

When a plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair it attracts small pieces of paper demonstrate this experiment?

Because their charges are like, the paper is then repelled. ANSWER: The paper is initially attracted to the comb because the comb causes separation of charge in the paper. The part of the paper pieces with positive charge is attracted to the comb.

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What happens when a plastic ruler is rubbed in dry hair?

Shifting electric charges

The surface of the plastic ruler gets coated with the electrons rubbed off the atoms in the wool. The same effect is seen when you use a plastic comb on your hair. Because the plastic comb now has all these extra electrons stuck to it, it has an excess of negative electric charge.

How can you explain a comb run through dry hair attracts pieces of paper?

When a comb rubhed with dry hair attracts pieces of paper. This is because the comb induces a net dipole moment opposite to the direction of field. This happens the field due to charge on comb induces dipole moment in paper by tretching or re-orienting molecules of the dielectric.

What happens to the pieces of paper as you bring your rubbed notebook near them?

It is because electrons flow from our hair to the scale and it becomes negatively charged. When the negatively charged scale is brought near the paper, the positive charges of the paper get deposited near the scale.

What force is acting on the pieces of paper before the ruler is brought close to them?

When the ruler is brought close to bits of paper, the attractive electric force accelerates the paper bits upward against the force of gravity.