What makes Egypt an attractive market?

Why is Egypt an attractive location for foreign investment?

The country has made itself a beacon for overseas investors, compelled by favourable incentives and a large and dynamic domestic market. … Investors have been attracted to Egypt’s intoxicating mix of rapid GDP growth, a strategic geographical position, a skilled labour force and, crucially, a large domestic market.

Why is Egypt a good place for business?

Egypt has the potential to become the emerging markets that poised to offer good returns for foreign investment due to its booming economy. Egypt is a major oil and gas producer, with natural gas production increasing rapidly. … Taxation regime in Egypt is comprehensive in terms of the types of taxes and areas covered.

What type of market does Egypt have?

Today, Egypt is primarily a free-market economy with some state control. Despite occasional outbreaks of political violence, it has a reasonably stable multiparty system and is strongly supported by the United States and the European Union.

Why is Egypt good for investment?

1) Vast market, thanks to a large (100 million) and young (average age 25) population, which is expected to reach 160 million by 2050. 2) One of the most diversified emerging economies, making Egypt resilient to crisis and economic cycles. 3) No. 1 investment destination in Africa and the Middle East.

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Is Egypt a good place to invest?

Making investments in Egypt is a very good idea and it’s increasingly the new go-to investment location of the future. From its location to its resources and future growth expectations, Egypt has a ton of investment potential.

Is Egypt a good country to invest in?

The United Nations Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has ranked Egypt as the top FDI destination in Africa between 2015 and 2019. Egypt has implemented a number of regulatory reforms, including a new investment law in 2017; a new companies law and a bankruptcy law in 2018; and a new customs law in 2020.

How do Egyptians do business?

It may take several visits to accomplish a simple task since business tends to move at a relatively slow pace. Egyptians tend to have an ‘open-door’ approach to meetings whereby they are not private unless there are confidential matters that need to be discussed.

How can I be respectful in Egypt?


  1. It is considered impolite to point the toe, heel or any part of the foot toward another person. …
  2. Modest dress and presentation is highly valued in Egyptian culture.
  3. Greetings often occur before any form of social interaction.

How important is punctuality in Egypt?

– Punctuality in Egypt is not considered the main priority. Your counterpart might arrive late for a meeting, but make sure that you arrive on time yourself. – Business cards should be printed in English on one side and in Arabic on the other.