Are atoms of the same element attracted to each other?

Can atoms be attracted to each other?

The valence electrons are involved in bonding one atom to another. The attraction of each atom’s nucleus for the valence electrons of the other atom pulls the atoms together. As the attractions bring the atoms together, electrons from each atom are attracted to the nucleus of both atoms, which “share” the electrons.

What do atoms of the same element have the same?

All atoms of the same element have the same number of protons in their nucleus.

Can two atoms of the same element bond?

Answer: The two atoms that are held together by a covalent bond may be atoms of the same element or different elements. When atoms of different elements form covalent bonds, a new substance, called a covalent compound, results. Water is an example of a covalent compound.

Why do atoms bind together?

Atoms form chemical bonds with other atoms when there’s an electrostatic attraction between them. This attraction results from the properties and characteristics of the atoms’ outermost electrons, which are known as valence electrons.

Would two atoms attract or repel each other?

If two atoms get close enough together then the electrons of each atom will be attracted to both nuclii. If the atoms get two close then the nuclii will repell each other. … So, the energy of two hydrogen atoms is lower when the two atoms are together than when the two atoms are apart; that is why they stay together.

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Why do atoms elements combined?

Atoms combine together mainly for two reasons; Firstly, they combine together to form various compounds. Secondly, they want to gain stability.